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We hope this Sheltie Pedigree project will be useful for the breed, not just because of its historical/archival component, but also for its organic, ever-growing material that reflects the evolution of the Shetland Sheepdog. Even though many of the dogs in the database are American we welcome Shetland Sheepdog lovers worldwide.

As far as we know this is the first pedigree project online in which anyone who owns a Sheltie registered with one of the main registrars (AKC, UKC, Canadian Kennel Club and International clubs) can enter their dogs and have them included in the big Sheltie family tree.

Opening our doors to everyone and preserving the integrity of the generational tree has been a challenging plan to implement. It has been one of our main goals from the beginning to develop a system by which the integrity of the existing pedigrees will continue with present day dogs and into the future. Nothing less would have been acceptable. We have ensured the preservation of this integrity by the way dog’s entries have been set up. All dogs entries will be subject to approval to assure the legitimacy of the entry. Once the information is entered it’s possible to research a dog’s ancestors, progeny and siblings with the click of a button. Four to eight generation pedigrees can be viewed and printed. And four generation pedigrees can be printed with photos and other options, including the owner’s info. You can even find the pedigrees of unborn puppies by doing a “trial breeding” between males and females in the database to see what the pedigree is like. This is a especially interesting feature for breeders considering several studs for their upcoming breedings. Favorite dogs, Personal notes and History of dogs edited can be saved for later use.

Not only you can enter your own dogs, you can also “adopt” a kennel of the past. Click on the Contact page and email us, letting us know which kennel or dogs you’d like to adopt and we’ll set you up. The project needs everyone’s help; at this initial stage there are many “holes” between present day dogs and dogs in the database - two or three generations of dogs must be entered before today’s dogs pedigrees may be complete. We are looking for established breeders and/or pedigree buffs who would like to spend some time on this project. Their names will be added on our page “Pedigree Friends” and their contribution will be greatly appreciated. Photos of Shelties already entered are also needed, as we all love to see what those legendary dogs of the past looked like!

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