Calendar 2021

We’ve been working on a small Christmas gift for our PL friends ….
It’s an idea we believe will be a win-win!

We have designed a Sheltie desk calendar that will give you both breed-joy and practical use.

December 2020 is ready for viewing. Print it out at home or at the print shop (for best results) and enjoy it at your workspace - on your bulletin board, your favorite table frame or a nice stand. Thanks to Sylvia Calderwood for the awesome photo of “Felon”!

You can zoom, download and print it as high resolution PDF file (controls right above photo). Just click on this link: Please note every home printer and settings are unique, so we can’t provide support on your particular situation. Your print shop will do a great job if your home printer is a pain in the neck, like ours is!

And for our Premium subscribers, as a big thanks for their support, we’ll have the complete PDF files for the ~ The Sheltie ALL STARS 2021 ~ 12 month desk calendar, free! A set of beautiful and accomplished Shelties that shine like gems. Have it spiral bound or display it one at a time. It will be available end of December.

Is there a dog you’d like to see in the 2021Calendar? Email us!

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