After 13 years with the same setup, there will soon be changes involving subscription structure and features.

From the brand new viewer to the seasoned breeder, we've worked-up a scale in which everyone can choose their level of interest and involvement.

The Regular user: For occasional browsing
The Basic subscriber: For casual researchers and pet dog owners
The Premium subscriber: For breeders and serious researchers

As always, we are committed to no 3rd party advertising and no selling of users ID info.
Plus we don't store any financial info, you are safe at PL.

So far, NO Sheltie organization has provided ANY help or support.
All of this means NO outside support. PL relies on its users to keep going.

The current admin has nourished PL and its visitors activity since its infancy.
But now PL needs to stand on its own two feet and become self-sustaining.

The new setup will ensure PL will ride the waves for the foreseeable future.

With faith in its user base,
Sonia Barros for Pedigree Lines