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Foxcroft Laurelen Duncan Hines RA HSAds HSBd HIAds HXAds SWE SCM SEM SBM SHDM

Advanced Info

Date of Birth: 12/07/2010



  • American Kennel Club (AKC)

Color: Sable & White

  • AKC #: DN30351501


  • Rally Advanced (RA)
  • Herding Started Course A -ducks (HSAd)
  • Herding Started Course A -sheep (HSAs)
  • Herding Started Course B- ducks (HSBd)
  • Herding Intermediate Course A - ducks (HIAd)
  • Herding Intermediate Course A - sheep (HIAs)
  • Herding Advanced Course A -ducks (HXAd)
  • Herding Advanced Course A -sheep (HXAs)
  • Scent Work Excellent (SWE)
  • Scent Work Container Master (SCM)
  • Scent Work Exterior Master (SEM)
  • Scent Work Buried Master (SBM)
  • Scent Work Handler Discrimination Master (SHDM)

Sire: Am Ch MACH4 Foxcroft I-Mar Pinelands Ranger HSAs MXB2 MJB3 MJP XF VCX

Dam: HC Laurelen Foxcroft Sara Lee RN HSAds HSBd HIAds HIBd HXAds HXBds

Inbreeding: 5.08%

Entered: 10/24/2013

Last Edited: 01/14/2021

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