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Q: Do I need to register?

A: Registration is not necessary for researching pedigrees, but it is free and recommended, to receive our Newsletter. Registration is also necessary to claim your dogs already in the database and as a first step towards adding new untitled dogs or to use advanced features. A  low cost Subscription is necessary for Registered Users to use the advanced features, such as creating Trial Breedings, printing pedigrees, adding Notes or Favorites, etc.

Q: What features are available to me if I register?

A: Registered users can add their titled dogs, if they are not yet entered. We add or update dogs with new Conformation titles, also many Sports titled dogs every month, so check dog's registered name (without titles, such as Ch) on QUICK SEARCH first. If not in the system, send us scan or phone photo of dog's registration or official pedigree. After the additions are approved, we'll save the dogs you entered under your account for you to add a photograph. If your dogs are already in the database they can be "claimed" and moved under your name.

Q: How do I register?          
A: Click on REGISTER in the upper right corner of the screen.  Enter your email address at the prompt, then follow the directions in the email you receive.  Be certain to enter your email address correctly, or the confirmation from Pedigree Lines will be unable to reach you.
Remember that passwords are case-sensitive. SAVE your username and password as they are easy to forget!

Q: How do I log in?

A: Enter your username and password in the boxes in the upper right corner of the screen.  Passwords are case sensitive! Then click on the LOGIN button immediately below.  If you logged in correctly, the upper right corner of the screen will display  LOGOUT, and the drop-down menu will now include My....  If  you misspelled your user name or gave an incorrect password, the Login boxes will continue to be displayed. 

Q: What should I do if I lose my password? 

A: Click on Forgot your password? in the upper right corner of the screen.  Enter your email address at the prompt, then follow the directions in the email you receive.  Be certain that you enter your email address exactly as it is written in your Pedigree Lines account, or the new password from Pedigree Lines will be unable to reach you. If you lost your username contact us.


Q: How can I change my password or email address?

A: Login.  Click Account under My... in the drop down menu. In the Change Password section, enter your old password, then enter and confirm your new password.  Be certain you keep a case-sensitive record of your new password, or you will be locked out of  your account.  Finally, click the Change button below the password, to save the new password to your account. Change your email address in the same page.

Q: Can I edit a dog I didn't enter?

A: If you are the dog's owner or breeder we'll re-assign the dog to you permanently. If you noticed an error or found a duplicate we'll look into it and fix it. If you want to adopt a kennel of the past, we can arrange it. If you are knowledgeable in pedigrees we can work together in various ways. Contact us

Q: How can I look up a dog?
A: There are two ways, one is to type the exact dog's name (without titles, like Ch) in the QUICK SEARCH box, above Login.  Unless you are 100% sure of the exact dog's name avoid typing the kennel name. You may enter it with an apostrophe and the name was registered without apostrophe, so it will not come up. Instead, look up the rest of the name. Example, if looking for Ch Confetti's Morning Mist, look up Morning Mist. If the dog is in the database it will show up. Also, you can look up a dog or dogs in the Advanced Search area, just click on the tab SEARCH.


Q: What features are available to me if I subscribe?
A: Registered users may use our 1 year ($15) or 2 year ($25) subscription to the Advanced Features:

  • Have non-titled dogs you own, have owned or bred. Just send us scan or photo of your dog's registration or official pedigree. If you don't have either, but your dog produced a litter gives us date of whelping.
  • Print pedigrees with photos and contact information
  • Save dogs of interest and personal comments on My Favorites, Notes and Trial Breedings (excellent tools for breeders)
  • Display your website link and/or kennel info on your Dog Info page so others can contact you. To protect you from spam, your email will not be publicly displayed. You will be contacted through our website. To prevent photo theft no photos cannot be copied.
  • Generate HTML code for you to add your dogs' pedigrees with photos to your website
  • Link to your dog's OFA page to show your dog's health testing results.
  • New Pedigrees with custom photos and Kennel info coming up soon!

Q: How do I get a subscription?
A: Register if you haven't already done so.  Then login and click on My... Account from the dropdown menu.  Scroll down to the Subscription, select a one year or two year subscription, and click on Buy Now.  Your support is important to help keep the site running and is appreciated.

 Q: Can I enter new dogs?
A: Yes, Registered users with subscriptions can enter new untitled dogs over six months of age that they presently own, owned in the past or bred. Registered users without subscription can have us enter/edit only their titled dogs. 


Q: How do I enter a dog?  (Registered Users with subscriptions)
A: Register, if not already done, and Login.  Look up dog's name in QUICK SEARCH to make sure the dog is not entered already. If it's not in the database, send us official registration or pedigree. We'll add dog/dogs for you and place them under your name, so you can add photo and comments, if desired.

Q: How do I edit a dog in my account? (Registered Users with subcriptions)

A: Login, click on My...Dogs. On next page, click on the name of the dog you want to edit. On the next screen click on Edit Dog's Info. You can edit Owner's name, Breeder's name, Country of Birth, Comments, etc, or upload a photograph. Users cannot update titles or change dog's name. If your dog has new titles contact us we'll update.

Q: How do I print a pedigree? (Registered users with subscriptions)
A: Type the dog's name in the Search box in the upper right corner of the screen, then click GO.  From the dog's page, on the right hand side of the screen, under Print a PDF pedigree with photos, select the contact information and options you wish to be printed.  Then click View, and select whether to save the file or to view it in your PDF viewer.

Q: How do I save a dog as a favorite, or add a note to a dog? (Registered users with subscriptions)

A: At the bottom of any dog's page, click on Add to Favorites or Add note.  If you click Add Note, a blank text box appears into which you can type your notes.  When you have finished typing, click Save below the text box. Your notes will NOT be visible unless you are logged in. Notes are private, only you will see your notes.


Q: How do I find the Favorites or Notes I saved? (Registered users with subscriptions)


A: Login and click on the tab My...then select Favorites or Notes when the menu drops.

Q: How do I do a trial breeding? (Registered users with subscriptions)

A: From an individual dog's page, go to Trial Breeding Pedigree on the right side of the page.  Type in the name of the potential mate for the dog, then click View.  This will bring up a pedigree with photographs.  You can select how many generations you want to view on the screen. For a PDF pedigree trial breeding with photos.  Select the options you want, then click Download PDF.  of the trial breeding, go to Print a PDF of the

Q: How do I save a trial breeding? (Registered users with subscriptions)


A: At the bottom of the pedigree, left hand corner, there is an Add to Favorites option, which will add this mating as a Favorite Trial Breeding. To view later, login and click on My...Trial Breedings on the drop-down menu. On that page, click on the pair's Trial Breeding you need. View or print out pedigree.


Q: How do I add a photo to my dog's listing?
To add a photo:
1- Login
2- Go to My...Dogs, click on the name you need.
3- Click on Edit Dog's Info left hand side.
4- On next page click on Browse which is under the 2nd yellow field in the Edit page. That will open your computer files.
5- Choose the photo you want to add.
6- Click on the Update button at the bottom of the page to save.
7- Refresh twice to see new photo.

To change a photo:
Follow steps 1- 2- and 3- above.
3- Click on the button Delete under the old dog's photo
Follow steps 4- through 7- above.

Q: How do I add my dog's pedigree from Pedigree Lines to my website?
You need to know HTML. If you don't, but have someone that does, have them click directly under the pedigree, left hand corner, on the Show Pedigree HTML button. Details will display.

Q: How do I add my contact information to my listings?
There are fields in My...Accounts page where you can fill out your info: Kennel Name, Address, phone, website address and email address. You can fill out one or all. Then on the each dog's Edit Dog's Info page there is a checkbox you can check if you want this info to appear in that particular dog's listing.


We are now offering very nice 4 and 5 generation pedigrees with custom photo, kennel info and dog info for our subscribers.

Located under the old style pedigrees, on the right hand side, in the Dog Listing page and in the Trial Breeding area. Just buy a package of 1, 5 or 10 pedigrees for as little as $2 each (they will not expire as long as you remain a subscriber). You can use parchment paper or gold foil border paper to enhance the quality of the pedigree or use a paper with your own background, to make it more unique.

Perfect to hand out at shows to promote your stud or for puppy buyers, you can customize each pedigree with the individual puppy's photo and name.

Enjoy the site!

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