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Q: Do I need to register?
A: No, registration is not necessary if you are only researching pedigrees. If you’d like to enter dogs then registration is necessary. The system will save the dogs you enter under your name for future editing. Once registered you may enjoy the benefits of being a subscriber and save your “Notes”, “Favorite Dogs” and “Favorite Trial Breedings” for future reference, plus print unlimited pedigrees with photos and get pedigrees code to enter on your website.
Q: How do I enter a dog?
A: Register (just one time). Login if you are entering a dog at a later time. Look up the dog’s name in Search to make sure the dog is not entered already. If it’s not in the database, click “Add A Dog” under “My… “ Type the dog’s name without titles, no Ch or any other titles. This is very important to avoid duplicate entries of the same dog. For example, if the dog is an American Champion, choose Champion under Titles – Conformation – United States. Fields with * are required. If your registrar is not in the menu, type it and it will entered when the dog is approved. Only the registrars already entered for US will be accepted. Please make sure you spell the dog’s name and enter the dog’s color correctly. If you don’t know the color click on “Unknown”.
Q: Do I have to own the dog I enter?
A: No, you don’t need to own a dog to enter it. However, if you enter a dog and the owner wants to edit it, administration will re-assign the dog to its owner.
Q: How do I edit a dog I entered?
A: Login, click on “My…Dogs”, click on the name of the dog you want to edit. On the next screen click on “Edit Dog’s Info”. Edit as necessary.
Q: How do I edit a dog I didn’t enter?
A: If you are the dog’s owner contact us, we’ll re-assign the dog to you permanently. If you noticed an error on a dog you don’t own, contact us, we’ll fix it. If you want to “adopt” a kennel of the past contact us, we can arrange it. If you are knowledgeable in pedigrees contact us, we can work together in various ways.
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